Professor Puzzle

Where it all began …

When Professor Puzzle stumbled on ancient puzzles in a far flung corner of the world he was hooked. Metal puzzles were sold by a man on the street in Calcutta and a deal was immediately struck to commence metal-bending, puzzle-making training.

Returning to London, the business started as ‘Ben’s Baffling Brainbenders’.  Puzzles were made one day and sold the next at the markets in Covent Garden and Camden. Every day crowds gathered around to try and solve the mystifying metal challenges.

Crowds kept growing and the little market stalls could no longer satisfy the greedy masses. With the vision to spread a passion for puzzling far and wide, formal manufacturing began in London in 2002 and Professor Puzzle Ltd was born.

We now specialise in the design and manufacture of the best puzzles and games from around the globe. Our focus is on products that intrigue and amaze, delivering guaranteed fun whilst exercising your brains! Crafted from traditional materials and uniquely packaged, we create gifts that are delightful to give and fascinating to solve or great fun to play. Our high quality, creative ranges are perfect for independent gift, toy or book shops, garden centres and museums as well as major chains.

We are hugely passionate about our own brand, regularly developing new Professor Puzzle ranges that are imaginative and unique. Our design-team also love working with customers to create stunning bespoke (custom) ranges. Our bespoke (custom) products now cover a wide range of games and novelties alongside our original puzzles and brainteasers.

We love knowing our products are featured in stores all over the world and discovering them in people’s homes. But life’s not just about looking good and being seen in the right places. We’re a young, exciting British company focused on original, innovative products. We want to spread our passion for puzzles and games far and wide!

Scientists believe our brains are designed to be stimulated and challenged. If we don’t sufficiently test them with new, surprising information then our cognitive functions will start to deteriorate. Firm believers in the principles of brain plasticity, we like to think the mental gymnastics we get from working with our products is significantly boosting our own grey matter. What better excuse to play with our puzzles, brainteasers and games? Lay down the electronic devices, take the brains off autopilot and have some fun exercising your memory and brain speed.